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At the 2017 World championships, which was held in Montreal last October, eight skills were submitted by seven gymnasts.

Five of the eight skills were successfully performed hence were added to the CoP, most of which were on the uneven bars.

Gymnast: Nina Derwael/Georgia Mae Fenton
Country: Belgium/Great Britain
Skill Stalder backward with counter straddle reverse hecht over HB with ½ (180°) turn to hang in mixed L-grip 
Rating: F



Gymnast: Tabea Alt
Country: Germany
Skill Stoop through on HB, dislocate and release with half (180°) turn in flight between the bars to catch LB in hang  
Rating: C

Gymnast: Tabea Alt
Country: Germany
Skill Clear Straddle underswing with forward tuck salto with ½ (180°) turn

Rating: C

Gymnast: Fan Yilin
Country: China
Skill From L-grip, Swing bwd, ½ (180°) turn, to double salto bwd tucked

Rating: D

Gymnast: Aiko Sugihara
Country: Japan
Skill 2/1 (720°) turn with free leg held upwardin 180° split position throughout the turn

Rating: E

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*Note: Sugihara successfully competed the skill in the all around competition but no footage of it was available.

Brasil's Rebecca Andrade submitted her full and half twisting double back tuck on floor (G) but had to withdraw from the competition after tearing her ACL.

Sugihara submitted a two and half Y turn on beam but did not compete it.

Dutch Sanne Wevers submitted a two and half turn with leg below horizontal (E) but also did not compete it.

In 2017, gymnasts had to successfully submit and perform their skills at the World championships in order to have it named after them. However, starting from next February, gymnasts will be able to get their skills named after them at any of the FIG official competitions.

According to the current rules, if more than one gymnast competed the original skill, it will be added to the CoP bearing no name. Nevertheless, the Ricna half was named after both gymnasts, Nina and Georgia. 

By next February, if more than one gymnast competed the same skill, it will be named after all of them.

Written by Gigi Farid.



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