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In the floor exercise final at the last World championships, Vanessa Ferrari suffered a fall on her second tumbling pass injuring herself. 

The Italian gymnast grabbed her foot and medics rushed onto the podium to assist her. It was later revealed that she tore her left Achilles tendon.

She was the last female gymnast to compete at the World championships.

Ferrari received a score of 3.933. She scored 2.0 in the D panel and 8.233 in the E panel. She had also received a penalty of 6.3.

Here is our explanation to why she received such a deduction.

In the difficulty panel, the eight elements in a routine are counted. Gymnasts are allowed to do seven or more elements without risking deductible penalties.

Gymnasts who do five or six elements only, receive a penalty of 4.00 - three or four elements, receive a penalty of 6.00 - one or two elements, receive a penalty of 8.00.

Ferrari performed three elements before getting injured;

a double twisting double back tuck (H),

whip (A),

and a full in tuck 

hence she received a 6.00 deduction. 

The other 0.3 deduction came from stepping completely out of bounds.

 Written by Gigi Farid



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