Photo by Comaneci Salto

There are so many execution errors in Patricia Moreno's bars routine at 2004 Athens Olympics team final but how she saved a fall and continued the routine like nothing happened, makes the routine awesome to watch.

On her Pak Salto, high to low bars transition, the Spanish gymnast had one of hands slip while catching the low bar but managed to stay on and recovered beautifully.

The errors included leg separation, insufficient high of flight elements and poor rhythm in elements. She ended her routine with a stuck cold full in tuck (D).

Moreno is best known for winning the first Olympic medal for Spanish women's artistic gymnastics, which was a bronze medal on floor exercise in 2004. She is also the originator of the F rated triple and a half twisting back layout on floor.

Athens was the last Olympics to have a full Spanish team compete at. They finished in fifth place.

Written by Gigi Farid

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