Tatiana Gutsu, who was a guest on Russian talk show Pryamoy Efir, expressed her regret that she named her alleged rapist.

Last month, the Soviet gymnast wrote on Facebook in a MeToo that she was raped by then teammate Vitaly Scherbo during a competition that took place in 1991.

"One of my clients sent me a link called #metoo and I realized that I could share the pain of the women related to unpleasant memories," said Gutsu according to blogger Luba Baladzhaeva‏'s translation. "In a feat of desperation, I revealed the name of the person who is connected to this unpleasant situation. I am free now from that horrible feeling of oppression but I regret that I revealed his name. The thing is it was a long time ago. I hope that he has become a different man and that this horrible mistake was an exception in his life."

The 1992 Olympic all around champion called the accusations, made by people towards her that she is falsely accusing Vitaly of rape for money or attention, ridiculous.

She called her revelation a "spontaneous feeling" that was caused by her bad memories of that time.

Gutsu revealed that she has been working with professional psychologists, to whom she is very grateful, for more than 10 years and that she confronted Vitaly, four years ago, about what he allegedly did to which he responded with "you should go fuck yourself" and that "no one would ever believe you".

Written by Gigi Farid



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