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Soviet Vera Kolesnikova, the mother of World champion and Olympic silver medalist Viktoria Komova, performed a very interesting tumbling pass on floor exercise at 1986 Goodwill Games.

Kolesnikova competed a triple twisting back layout (E) to back handspring (A) to back tuck (A) to front tuck (A).

While the CoP awards connection value to direct connection such as A to E and vice versa, Kolesnikova's triple twist to back handspring would not receive any credit as one of the elements is with hand support.

It is worth mentioning that series bonus is only awarded on balance beam.

(Edit: She might get connection bonus (0.2) because of doing two A rated acros without hand support:  back tuck and front tuck)

The Soviet gymnast's opening pass is a whip (A) indirectly connected to a full in pike (E). No connection bonus is awarded since gymnasts need to do at least two A rated acros with no hand support indirectly connected to a D or more acro to receive the bonus. 

At the Games, she won four medals. She won gold with the team, in the all around and on balance beam, and a silver on uneven bars.

Kolesnikova is a World champion with her team in 1985. However, she was never an Olympian and retired in 1988.

Written by Gigi Farid

The routine was judged according to 2017-2020 CoP



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