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With three medals, two of which are gold, Kenzo Shirai was the most successful gymnast at 2017 World championships. 

Videos of the Japanese gymnast doing well executed elements in women's artistic gymnastics have surfaced online which lead us to wonder if he plans to extend his success to the women's sport.

In this video, Kenzo can be seen performing on the uneven bars. He does highly competitive skills such as clear pike circle 1/1 (E) to Komova (E) and Inbar half (D) to piked Jaeger (E).

After Montreal, a video of Kenzo doing a triple Y turn on floor exercise went viral. Men do not perform turns on the event.

Russia's Aliya Mustafina, who originated the E rated turn, commented on the video saying Kenzo's execution is the 'best' and 'better than hers'.

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 Written by Gigi Farid



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