Valentina Scherbo, mother of six time Olympic champion Vitaly Scherbo, accused Tatiana Gutsu of being after her son's money amid rape allegation.

Tatiana Gutsu, who won the 1992 Olympic all around title, alleged that Vitaly raped her when they were both representing the Soviet Union at Stuttgart cup that took place in Germany in 1991.

Her allegation came as part of the MeToo campaign where women share their sexual assault stories.

Valentina called the allegation "complete rubbish" stressing that her son will speak up soon to defend himself.

"What relationship did Vitaly have with Tatiana at that time when they were athletes? Purely friendly," she told sport-express.ru. "They attended the training camps, competitions together… My son was friends with Tanya and with the rest of the female gymnasts."

"Perhaps, Vitaly Scherbo raped the whole women’s team? Nonsense! And somehow I haven’t heard of any of the other former athletes confirming Tatiana Gutsu’s story."

 "I think, my son will speak up in the near future. He will not remain silent when he is being dragged through the mud."

Valentina questioned Gutsu's credibility pointing out that why would she wait for almost 30 years to come forward with the rape allegation.

She has also accused the former gymnast of seeking media attention and wanting to take his money knowing that he has a successful business in the states.

Vitaly and Tatiana both reside in the United States of America and own gyms.

Written by Gigi Farid

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