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Soviet Tatiana Toropova denied former teammate Tatiana Gutsu's rape allegation against legendary Soviet gymnast Vitaly Scherbo who won six gold medal at 1992 Olympics.

Gutsu, who won the 1992 Olympic all around title, alleged that Scherbo raped her when they were competing at Stuttgart Cup in 1991 in a Facebook post.

She said that Toropova was in the same room when the rape incident happened and that she chose to turn a blind eye and did not stand up for her.

"I want to say that I have no idea about any rape that could have happened when I was there. I did not see it, nothing like that happened," Toropova told "They were friends and that’s it.  I was a kid at that time just as she was."

"Excuse me, we were athletes! I am sure that there was no crime. We were doing sports, and specifically at that time we came to compete, and not, pardon my French, to f***, right? In general, I can not say anything bad about her or about him."

Toropova said that she was shocked to hear that Gustu accused her of turning her back on her.

She recalled the night, Gutsu said she was raped. She said that when the men's competition ended in Stuttgart, Vitaly and Tatiana came to the room  - which she and Tatiana stayed in- to celebrate and that Vitaly might have tried to make out with Tatiana but it was not rape.

She has also added that she does not remember Tatiana acting distressed.

"Yes, many years have passed, but rape… No, not with me in the room – nope," said Toropova.

Vitaly's mom denied the rape allegation against her son accusing Gutsu of being after her son's money and that she is seeking media attention.

Written by Gigi Farid

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