As Me Too campaign is going viral and encouraging women to speak up about their sexual abuse experience. Soviet gymnast Tatiana Gutsu, who won the Olympic all around gold medal in 1992, revealed that she has been raped as a young gymnast while taking part in a competition at the hands of a fellow gymnast.

In a Facebook post, Gutsu alleged that then Soviet gymnast Vitaly Scherbo raped her during Stuttgart Germany DTB that took place in 1991.

"Vitaliy Sherbo. Monster who kept me in my own prison to be afraid for so many years. I know you will try to diffent [defend] yourself," wrote Gutsu.

"But my details are much stronger than your words. I'm strong now then ever. You can't brack [break] me down anymore."

Scerbo, who competed between 1990 and 1997, is considered to be one of the most successful male gymnasts of all time. He is the only male gymnast to have won a World title in every single event. He was also the most successful athlete at the 1992 Olympics where he won six of the eight events.

Scerbo was not the only one who was outed in Gutsu's Facebook post. Gutsu wrote that former teammate Tatyana Toropova and, 1992 and 1996 Olympic champion Rustam Sharipov did not stand by her side during the time the rape incident happened.

"Tatyana Toropova who I thought was my friend and a team mate in the National team of USSR thank you for not being brave for me when I need it you the most to stand , stand up for me and fight for the women rights in such a horrific act ,no means no," posted Gutsu.

"You where there you heard everything you never stand stand up to protect me."

"Rustam Sharipov thank you for being a great body for your friend and not protecting me as a little girl at 15."

The former gymnast started her Facebook post with her "being brave after 27 years" and ended it with "she will support everyone who is afraid of speaking up".

Written by Gigi Farid

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