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At Montreal's beam final, Pauline Schaefer has made history by becoming the first German gymnast to win a World title after the reunification in 1990.

Schaefer was the first gymnast to go on the apparatus. She performed a very consistent routine scoring 13.533.

This is the second time for Schaefer to win a World medal. In 2015, she won a bronze on the same apparatus.

Her teammate Tabea Alt, who qualified in first place, received the bronze medal with score 13.300. 

Japan's Mai Murakami finished in disappointing fourth for the second time in a row. The first time being in the all around where she suffered a fall which prevented her not only from winning the gold medal but also any medal at all.

US Morgan Hurd, the newly crowned all around champion, took silver. Hurd received 0.1 penalty for exceeding the time limit. The maximum allowed time for a balance beam routine is 1:30 minutes.

Liu Tingting of China is another gymnast who went overtime. She received a score of 12.766 placing her in seventh place.

Russia's Elena Eremina, who won bronze in the all around and silver on the uneven bars, came in fifth place, while all around silver medalist Ellie Black of Canada had the only fall in the competition and finished last.

She fell on her forward salto which is the same exact element she had trouble on in the all around competition.
1Schaefer PaulineGER GER13.533Exe. : 8.033 | Diff. : 5.500
2Hurd MorganUSA USA13.400Exe. : 7.800 | Diff. : 5.700 | Pen. : -0.100
3Alt TabeaGER GER13.300Exe. : 7.600 | Diff. : 5.700
4Murakami MaiJPN JPN13.066Exe. : 7.666 | Diff. : 5.400
5Eremina ElenaRUS RUS12.966Exe. : 7.566 | Diff. : 5.400
6Teramoto AsukaJPN JPN12.966Exe. : 7.366 | Diff. : 5.600
7Liu TingtingCHN CHN12.766Exe. : 7.366 | Diff. : 5.500 | Pen. : -0.100
8Black ElsabethCAN CAN12.400Exe. : 6.700 | Diff. : 5.700
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