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Nina Derwael, who made history for Belgium in Montreal, has revealed how tall she is.

The Belgian gymnast stands at a mind blowing 5'5 ft (169 cm). Her height is considered unusual in the sport of artistic gymnastics.

Derwael said that her height has its advantages and disadvantages. 

As a tall gymnast on the uneven bars, she is more likely to hit the bar with her feet which is half a point deduction. However, it makes gymnastics more elegant to watch. 

She also added that her height makes it easy for her to swing from one bar to another.

Olympic floor and vault champion Sandra Izbasa of Romania and legendary Russian gymnast Svetlana Khorkina are both between 5'4 and 5'6 ft.

American born Belorussian gymnast Kylie Dickson is 5'6 ft.  Germany's Marie-Sophie Hindermann is the tallest gymnast that has ever competed at the Olympics, she stands at 5'9 ft.

In Montreal, Derwael became the first Belgian gymnast to qualify to a Worlds event final and win a medal at a World championships when she won a bronze on the uneven bars.

Earlier that year, Derawel won Belgium's first European gold medal, which was on the uneven bars.

 Written by Gigi Farid

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  1. Izbasa was 5 ft. 6 and Khorkina was 5 ft. 5

  2. Why would you mention Kylie Dickson and not Kyla Ross (5'7"), an actual Olympian and World team member (albeit much shorter while an Olympian :D)