Fourth is the worst position for an athlete, they say. Japan's Mai Murakami had to face it twice in Montreal before finally getting her redemption on floor exercise.

With the most difficult routine, Murakami easily claimed first place with score 14.233 making her the first Japanese gymnast to win a World gold medal in 63 years.

Keiko Tanaka won the title on balance beam in 1954.

US Jade Carey took silver after a terrific performance that included the super difficult double double and full twisting double layout. She had the highest execution score among the finalists, 8.5.

Claudia Fragapane won Great Britain's first individual World medal in seven years, by winning the bronze medal.

Fresh senior and the only representative of Brasil in these championships Thais Santos finished in fourth position. Canada's Brooklyn Moors had an artistically beautiful performance combined with rarely done forward tumbling. She had the second highest execution score but much lower difficulty than her competitors placed her in fifth place.

Teammate Elisabeth Black landed completely out of bounds resulting in a 0.3 penalty. She finished in seventh place.  Italy's Vanessa Ferrari, who was the last to compete, badly injured herself after failing to land on feet first on her second tumbling pass. She could not finish her routine and was carried out by medics.

Teammate Italy Lara Mori finished in sixth place.

1Murakami MaiJPN JPN14.233Exe. : 8.333 | Diff. : 5.900
2Carey JadeUSA USA14.200Exe. : 8.500 | Diff. : 5.700
3Fragapane ClaudiaGBR GBR13.933Exe. : 8.333 | Diff. : 5.600
4Santos ThaisBRA BRA13.666Exe. : 8.166 | Diff. : 5.500
5Moors BrooklynCAN CAN13.650Exe. : 8.450 | Diff. : 5.200
6Mori LaraITA ITA13.266Exe. : 7.866 | Diff. : 5.400
7Black ElsabethCAN CAN12.900Exe. : 7.900 | Diff. : 5.300 | Pen. : -0.300
8Ferrari VanessaITA ITA3.933Exe. : 8.233 | Diff. : 2.000 | Pen. : -6.300

Written by Gigi Farid



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