If you are someday casually browsing the Chinese gymternet with google translate, and spot one of these two people talking about your fave, beware, your fave may be cursed.

The person with the tingting icon is pretty much famous for jinxing her faves. So much so that he/she is a legend on the Chinese gymternet. The curse has never failed. When she liked Simone briefly, Simone fell off beam.

Simone, who was immune to the white leo curse. 

Everyone outside of Simone has met with worse fates (probably because she never truly loved Simone with all her heart). Tan Sixin, Chen Siyi… Wang Yan was pretty consistent (for a junior) until she became a fave… and then it’s just falls everywhere, same goes for Jiaxin. 

Everytime this person falls in love with a gymnast, she would be super high profile with it, and everyone else is just like.

Her Russian favorites were: Alla, Seda, and Vika.

I’ve set up a shrine for her right here. Check out that post if you want to pray that that person doesn’t suddenly become a fan of your fave. Better yet, go buy some incense and burn it while facing the general direction of China. 

Person #2, everyone calls him “mama six” because everyone those he was a she, but since he is a he, he prefers to be called by “cat” instead of “mama”. (but everyone calls him “mom six” anyways) He usually post things that are on the technical (but with his own biases) side. Once in a while tho, he will make predictions in one of his “juniors to watch for” or “I’m pleasantly surprised by” posts…

we call them “mama’s blessings” because…

The reality will often turn out to be the complete opposite of these blessings. 

So far, his rate hovers at around 80~90%. One year was particularly bad because everyone he has mentioned that he’d hope would do well ended up injured or fell on something. There was one post where people dug the post logs a couple of years to confirm the existence of the curse. Mama six is at least self aware so we don’t see him making a lot of predictions anymore. 

One of the jinxers used Lari's photo as their avatar before the World championships.

Written by 16-233/Tumblr



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