In case you were living under a rock, former Soviet gymnast Tatiana Gutsu took part in Me Too campaign and posted on Facebook that she was raped by her compatriot and legendary gymnast Vitaly Scherbo during DTB cup that was held in Stuttgart in 1991.

Gymnastics Fans were shocked to hear about the allegation posting messages in support of coming forward with her traumatic experience.

"I can’t begin to imagine what she endured then and the burden she carried all these years. Sad to know my first idol was a monster."

"Awful poor girl 😯 The dirty beast! I hope he gets what's coming to him. Glad she had the courage to out him !!"

"It's endemic. When will those in charge  of the sport do something?????"

"Living in fear, she turned out to be an Olympic Champion. Her mental strength blows my mind. May she continue to be strong and inspire many."

"Jesus. I can’t imagine dealing with that from a ‘teammate’ and still going on to win gold. She is incredibly strong."

"Poor Tatiana has had to watch as her rapist gets all the medals and glory and is considered a hero. It’s sickening. Absolutely horrifying. He’s an icon of the sport but this whole time he’s been a monster. It’s so awful. I hope he loses everything."

"A sad and maddening story but Tatiana Gutsu's bravery is supreme."

"Tatiana Gutsu. She was 15, 4' 6", and 70 lbs. She survived & was forced to train & travel w her attacker. Now, she speaks. #IBelieveYou"

"Shocking (and sad) story with Barca '92 women's gymnastic gold medalist Tatiana Gutsu accusing 6-time Olympic champ Vitaly Scherbo of rape. "

Gutsu and Scherbo were part of the unified team at the 1992 Olympics where they both enjoyed success.

Gutsu won gold in the all around and team competition, silver on uneven bars and bronze on floor exercise.

Scherbo won gold in every single final but the horizontal bar and floor exercise ones.

Written by Gigi Farid

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