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Gymnastics community went crazy over Tabea Alt's Zuchold half, which is expected to be named after her at 2017 Worlds. At the same exact routine, she performed a brand new dismount but it might not bear her name.

The German gymnast performed a clear straddle circle with salto forward tucked with half turn off bars at a competition where the upcoming German Worlds team got selected.

A clear straddle circle with salto forward tucked is rated a C, so the the skill with a half turn would either get a C or a D.

It is worth mentioning that the *clear under swing version of the dismount is rated a C. 

*Clear under swing with salto forward tucked or piked with ½ turn.

Since the clear under swing with salto forward tucked/piked without half turn is considered to be the same skill as the one with half turn, Tabea's dismount will be added to the CoP bearing no name.

Not to mention that the clear straddle circle with salto forward tucked is also the same skill as the under swing ones under the CoP.

Alt used to perform a D rated double layout off bars. Unlike the previous CoP, competing a D or more rated dismount is no longer a requirement in today's CoP.

The German gymnast was selected to represent her country at the upcoming Worlds which will be held in Montreal Canada between October 2 and 8.

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Written by Gigi Farid 



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