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Tabea Alt has debuted a bars transition that is not yet in the CoP during the competition where the upcoming German Worlds team got selected.

The German gymnast competed a Zuchold with half turn. A Zuchold is an underswing backward - inverted pike swing - on high bar, dislocate with flight to handstand on low bar.

It is rated a D and is named after Eastern German gymnast Erika Zuchold who competed at the European, World, and Olympic level from the mid-1960s to early 1970s. She is five time Olympic and World medalist, and seven time European medalist.

Alt was selected to represent Germany at the World championships which will be held in Montreal, Canada between October 2 and 8. If she successfully competed the Zuchold half at the competition, it will be added to the CoP bearing her name.

Senior gymnasts need to submit and compete their original skills at either Worlds or Olympics to have them named after them, while junior gymnasts can submit theirs at the Youth Olympic Games.

Australian gymnast Olivia Vivian submitted the skill at the 2014 World championships but she did not compete it. The skill received a C rating.

Lauren Hopkins, founder of Gymternet blog, said that it received a C rating since Olivia failed to finish it close to a handstand. Hence, Alt has to end it with a clear handstand to get a higher rating (D or E) or else she will be in the same situation as Olivia.

Alt turned senior in 2016. She was part of the 2016 German Olympic team.

Written by Gigi Farid 



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