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During Szombathely Challenge Cup which was held this month, Romanian gymnast Catalina Ponor was judged very harshly on balance beam. 

The recent European beam champion went for a 6.5 routine and judges awarded her with only 5.6. They downgraded her ring skills and did not credit her with several of her acro dance connections.

An overwhelming amount of people called the judging harsh and unrealistic.

Little do they know that things will get even more complicated starting from October.

So in case you did not see our previous article where we explained why Ponor had her routine severely downgraded, you need to check it out before scrolling down.

Rules before October:

Rules after October

Ponor had her split ring jump downgraded from a D to a C as per before October rules.

D acro to D dance is worth 0.2 connection bonus, while D acro to C/B dance is worth 0.1. Since the split ring jump, which was downgraded to a C, was connected to Onodi - Ponor received  0.1 bonus.

ِAs per post October rule, her split ring jump (D) will be credited as a regular split jump (B). In this case, the connection bonus would be the same (0.1).

However, Ponor performed later in the routine split jump after her front aerial 

and the rule states that gymnasts cannot perform the same element for series or connection bonus.

So if she was credited with the connection bonus of both Onodi to split ring jump and front aerial to split jump in the before October rule, she would only be credited for one connection in the post October one.

Ponor's E rated switch ring leap was downgraded to a D. As per post October rule, her switch ring will be credited as a switch leap (C), which was already included in the routine. Gymnasts cannot get credited twice for the same element.

Both the switch ring and switch leap were among the top counted dance elements for the Romanian gymnast.

Top three dance elements in her intended routine: Split ring jump (D) - Switch ring leap (E) - Switch leap (C) = 1.2

Top three dance elements in the routine that is judged according to before October rule: Split ring jump (B) - Switch ring leap (D) - Switch leap (C) = 0.9

Top three dance elements in the routine that is judged according to post October rule: Split jump (B) - Switch leap (C) - Full turn (A) = 0.6

Hence if her routine was judged in accordance to the post October rule, she would have either received a 5.0 D score or a 4.9 one.

What do you think?

Written by Gigi Farid



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