Svetlana Khorkina, who is one of the most successful gymnasts of all time, has recently published a new book which contains some controversial statements.

According to Luba Baladzhaeva, who read the book and tweeted the highlights of it, the former Russian gymnast believed that US Simone Biles, who dominated the Rio Olympics by winning five medals - four of which are gold, is a doper for taking Ritalin.

She considered Ritalin a performance enhancing drugs which allowed Biles to compete stress free and to stay concentrated.

Shortly after the last Olympics, Russian hacker group called Fancy Bear released confidential WADA document where it appeared that the American gymnast has tested positive for methylphenidate, also called Ritalin, which is on the list of the banned drugs by the doping agency.

Biles disclosed that she has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which she has been taking medication for since she was a child. She was given drugs exemption by WADA through a system known as Therapeutic Use Exemption or TUE

A Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) may give athletes, who have conditions or illness which require them to take particular medications, the authorization to take the needed medicine. 

Khorkina also expressed her anger towards WADA who pushed for Russia's entire delegation to be banned from participating in the Rio Games over finding out that Russia's Ministry of Sport had operated a "state-dictated" system to implement an extensive doping program and to cover up positive samples.

278 of 389 Russian athletes were permitted to compete in Rio following IOC's decision to allow those who can show that they had not been doping before the Games, unlike participants of any other nationality.

She claimed that Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the IOC, would turn in his grave at WADA's accusation against the Russians.

Svetlana Khorkina, who competed from mid 90s to mid 00s, is the first gymnast to win three World all around titles. She is seven time Olympic medalist and twenty time World medalist.

Written by Gigi Farid



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  1. Sorry, I have ADHD and took Ritalin and was a College CheeRleader for the Gators. I had been on it since five. I did not concentrate better. Did it help with school yeah. Cheering. NO

  2. Wow this is astonishing and disgusting. I can't believe such a slanderous book was allowed to be penned. Hopefully someone goes after her for it. Since the disintegration of the once great Russian gymnastics empire the jealousy has mounted I'm disgusting levels. This old hag is nothing more than a bitter former athlete. I'm sorry your country has issues with these exact allegations but that is NOT ok to push blame on someone else. There is a massive difference between performance enhancing steroids taken SOLELY to better performance and something taken for an ILLNESS ones entire life that has no boundary on making them a better gymnast. Really hope she gets sued for this. No worries we'll be ones laughing with the gold medals accumulating. Go team USA!

    1. Sorry... she raises a valid point. If it doesn't help with gymnastics, why take it at all? Simone is 19, she's not in high school or worried she can't sit still in math class. ALL SHE WAS DOING was gymnastics. And ADHD is not an illness--most teens I know who are on it do it because you can keep your weight down.

    2. Are you even a medical professional? Did you read academic journals of clinical studies on ADHD? Do you have a medical degree? You must be just a jealous fan.

    3. I'm sorry, but Khorkina has a right to voice her opinion. Whether or not it was prescribed by a doctor, Ridilin is performance enhancing, and raises serious questions. Besides, the Rio Olympics showed such disgusting favoritism towards the Americans, Khorkina is not the first to pose serious questions.
      P.s.- If people can accuse Mustafina of doping (despite testing clean), people can accuse Biles! The only difference is that there's proof Biles doped...

    4. Haha yeah right why should I agree with your opinion or Khorkina? At least Biles followed the rules and did what was in accordance with the rules. Ritalin is an equaliser for her, not giving her an advantage over others.
      Khorkina does not have a medical degree and neither do you. I bet she doesn't even read academic journals.

  3. She's not a hag. That's a nice looking woman there. Svetlana is one of the ten greatest female gymnasts ever. This looks like a way to sell books...