Twistars gym has recently hired coach Kathie Klages, who got suspended from MSU for being a hardcore supporter of Larry Nassar who is being prosecuted on charges of sexually abusing dozens of athletes.

Twistars is owned by John Geddart who coached  2012 Olympic champion Jordyn Wieber.

According to court documents, Klages tried to convince a mother of one of Nassar's alleged victims that his digital penetrations of her daughter's vagina was a proven medical treatment and that the child pornography the FBI said it found on Larry Nassar's computers and hard drives may have been planted to frame him.

In a motion filed in a federal lawsuit, Klages told the MSU athletes to respond with 'No comment,' to any questions from media or police and to forward any calls to the legal department regarding Nassar investigation.

The American coach got suspended by MSU following claims that she defended Nassar and discouraged them from reporting his conduct. She later stepped down.

According to sources, Klages is only hired for a temporary period as she is filling in during an employee's absence, while Geddart is on vacation.

Jamie White, an attorney representing several of Nassar's accusers, has expressed his outrage at the hiring of Klages at Twistars.

 "It sends a message to the victims and it's a huge slap in their face as far as Mr. Geddert is concerned," said White. "Regardless of Ms. Klages ultimate finding of guilt or innocence or involvement in this matter, to bring her back into an institution filled with kids where she's being accused of covering up or not reporting abuse of minors over the course of 20 years is very frightening."

During trial, it was mentioned that Geddart allegedly walked in the room while Nassar was performing said medical treatment and made a joke about it.

Twistars is being also sued for knowing about Nassar's abuse and failing to stop it.

Written by Gigi Farid



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