The Orthodox church has given a very generous donation to the national team training center in Deva.

The center has received a 16K worth of equipment, an acrotramp and a tumbling track, which are much needed. On August 9, Bishop of Deva and Hunedoara led the blessing rite for the gymnasts.

Nevertheless, a very popular Romanian gymnastics blogger on Tumblr called Aly raised concerns over the news:

The national team training center in Deva finally received an acrotramp and a tumbling track!

That’s the good news, but the completely baffling news is how they got it! It was a $16.000 worth donation from the Deva and Hunedoara Episcopate. Apparently, they visited the training center a few months ago and saw that the team needs this equipment, so they took it upon themselves to get it for them. Excuse me, what?!? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a lovely gesture, and at least it’s comforting to know the people’s money was being used for something worth while, because I assume the Church had that money from donations, too, but still…

How? Why? Do we really need the Church to identify the equipment the gymnasts on the national team need and make the effort to get it? We have a Federation for that! We have a Ministry for that! If the Church can get $16.000 for this purpose, why can’t the Federation or Ministry do something? Sure, maybe there are no money, but why can’t they draw sponsors? According to Forminte, they wanted and needed this for years, so I imagine he talked about it before and it got him nowhere.

It was possible for us to find enough money to spend over 600.000€ to organize Euros, but apparently, no one can do anything to get the equipment Deva needs. What a joke!

By Gigi Farid

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