Mustafina's hands holding her daughther's 

Last month, Russian head coach Valentina Rodionenko revealed the name of Olympic gymnast Aliya Mustafina's newborn daughter which was Alisa, but rumors have been circulating that the head coach got her name wrong.

On an Instagram post about Mustafina published by sport express, a comment was made regarding the gymnast's daughter that says her name is Olesya not Alisa.

It is said that the commenter worked at the country's Olympic day which was held on 23rd June and which Mustafina attended.  According to her Instagram, the commenter is a Russian chess champion.

Aliya's fans found themselves inclined to believe the commenter, with many pointing out that Olesya sounds more Russian and a lot less like the gymnast's name. Some also pointed out that Aliya's cat's name is Lisa which would make it strange for her to choose a name for her daughter that sounds close to her cat's.

The two time Olympic champion hasn't yet announced her daughter's name to the press.

Recently, Mustafina said that she has no plans of coming back this season.

Updates: According to Liubov Baladzhaeva, editor of, Mustafina's husband has called his daughter name Alisa not Olesya in an Instagram video which has been deleted.

She stated that both Alisa and Olesya are Russian names and sound similar, and that she is more inclined to believe that the daughter's name is Alisa since it has been popular recently.

Written by Gigi Farid.



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