Three time Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman was subjected to harsh criticism for uploading a photo of herself showing lots of skin on Facebook.

Raisman, who is known for promoting self acceptance and body positivity, posted a photo of herself on the social media wearing a deep V cut bathing suit showing off her skin.

"Wear whatever makes you feel happy and confident" she captioned the photo. "Don't EVER let anyone tell you how you should or shouldn't dress."

"We are all entitled to wear what we want. Females do not have to dress modest to be respected."

The American gymnast was ruthlessly criticized for uploading such photo by many of her fans who follow her on Facebook especially mothers of young children.

They pointed out that she is a role model for kids hence should not be flashing her body.

"Aly, Aly, Aly why this outfit ??? You are a classy lady and an idol to too many teenagers you shouldn't not show this much skin and advice young girl to be confident .. Your message is beautiful but the outfit is thumbs down no one wants his daughter or sister to walk on the streets like that not classy !!! Still your biggest fan" 

"You are letting your celebrity go to your head. There is a fine line you are crossing, and sending the wrong message to girls. As a PARENT I will tell my children how to dress as long as they are under my roof. I think you need to decide whom your audience is going to be, adults over 21, or young gymnasts looking up to you. You can't have it both ways. You can't continue to market yourself to the under 18 crowd and give them over 21 advice. As a parent I am offended that would offer this advice to my daughter, contradictory to what I am teaching her.. Should we plan on you shaking your a$$ on instagram like McKayla in the near future?"

"Modesty is very important, Aly. As a man, this is a major turnoff for me. You can still be beautiful by dressing modestly and not showing your private parts."

"Funny how it's all "MEN" loving/liking/commenting on this! One question "Would you like it if your daughter wore this?" Didn't think so,court adjourned!!"

"Wear whatever makes you happy? Really? No guidelines or rules? You do not approach your sport with this attitude. You do not eat whatever you want or train however you want. You follow rules and guidelines to be your best. That's what makes you happy.  My 8 year old adores you. But she will not see this photo."

"When you are no longer relevant in your sport but still crave attention lmao. For real though, you are a role model so act like one. You have every right to act trashy but don't get sad when parents call you out on it."

"Ugh another woman pushing how you should look and be confident on what you wear. Can we have someone that is a female push an intellectual message. Its not about how you feel its about what your abilities are. Become a lawyer a doctor a great mom a manager all of that is more important than the way you should look"

While she endured heavy criticism, some of her fans jumped to her defense.

"Aly expressing herself is a part of what makes her a role model. She ain’t promoting doing drugs or smoking or binge drinking or starving yourself or anything to actually worry about as a parent. She’s literally promoting body positivity and being comfortable in your body her way. What do they want from her?"

"I think her message is spot on and I do have a young gymnast be comfortable in your own skin it doesn't matter what other people think it is about how you feel. For those of you who are offended her outfit for her job is a leotard get over yourselves she is a good role model"

"Olympic champion athlete wearing effectively a bathing suit. Her performance outfit is just as revealing of her body and curves. If people are upset with a bathing suit....take a look at Sports Illustrated. Beautiful woman athlete."

It is worth mentioning that the 23 year old gymnast posed topless for sports illustrated and nude for ESPN's body issue.

Last month, Raisman's former teammate and Olympic gold medalist Mckayla Maroney made headlines for uploading a racy video of herself on Instagram. The video subjected her to slut shaming.

Written by Gigi Farid.



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