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Komova is determined, enthusiastic and nothing can stop her.

Last February, Komova started training for the first time in eight months after her last back injury. Now, she is taking her comeback one step at a time in order not risk an injury.

"Of course, I want it, I really want to compete" Komova said during a local TV show. "I’m not in that physical shape yet. I haven’t trained for a long time - I don’t want to rush it, so that I won’t get injured again."

According to, the TV show's reporter said that the Russian gymnast is training on all four apparatuses. She is trying to train her old routines in addition to making the necessary changes to it in order to fit the new CoP.

She plans to compete on all four events at the Vornin cup which will be held in December. However, she might compete on uneven bars at the upcoming Russian cup, which will be held in August, if her training went well.

Komova's coach, Elfimov, said that although he would love to have his gymnast compete all around, he is unsure about the possibility of it.

"I don’t know, we’re going to try - they say, whatever the Lord gives" he said.

Eflimov stated that training has not been easy but as long as she wants it, everything will be ok.

It has been reported earlier that Komova is not aiming on competing at the upcoming World championships, which will be held this fall and that she is planning to make her comeback debut at the Vornin Cup in December.

Written by Gigi Farid.



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