Usually elite gymnasts suffer falls after performing a difficult skill but this month gym fans witnessed two incredibly silly falls on balance beam during two World cup competitions.

At Koper Slovenia WC, Flavia Saraiva of Brasil started strong on the event. She mounted it with a round off to back handspring, rated a D. She then solidly performed a back handspring (B) to two layout step outs (C), worth 0.2 bonus and a round off (B) to straight layout (E), worth 0.1 bonus. She wobbles a little bit after her double turn with leg below horizontal (D). And as she is continuing her routine doing the choreography she wobbles and falls.

After the fall, she wobbled on two of the last three skills but ended her routine with a beautiful double back pike.

A week later, Russia's Evgenia Shelgunova channeled the Brazilian gymnast while competing at Osijek Zito World Cup. 

Shelgunova mounted the beam with a layout step out (E) and performed a side aerial (D) to two LOSO (C), worth 0.4 bonus, as her acrobatic series. She connected her switch leap (C) to her switch leap half (D), earning 0.1 bonus. 

A fall occurred when she landed her forward tuck. Frustrated Evgenia got on the beam, took few steps to the back and had another fall after doing a very simple scale with hand support.

The 19 year old gymnast attempted to connect her forward aerial (D) to sheep jump (C) but failed due to wobbling. She competed a switch ring leap (E) as the last skill before dismounting with a double back pike. 

Written by Gigi Farid



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