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Last March, news broke out that Russia's Anastasia Grishina is in feud with her family. 

The Olympic silver medalist was denied access to the money she earned from her gymnastics career by her own mother who has always been the one to manage it. 

Anastasia said that the amount of money she made from her junior and senior sports career is over 20 million rubles (about 347,162 US dollars).

Her mother withdrew all the money from the gymnast's bank account. All the properties which was bought by Grishina's money were under her mother's name including the apartment she along with her husband and her son used to live in. After a bitter fight between them, her mother changed the locks on the apartment's door. Grishina and her husband were forced to rent a small apartment and had to eat outside or at a friend's house since the apartment has no kitchen.

Most of her husband's salary goes to the rent while she had to look for a job despite having a baby under one years old. She added that they are in debt as they have taken loans from the bank in order to renovate the apartment her mother bought with her money.

In a text message, the mother told her that she will take the money to the grave.

Grishina has also said that her brother once came home drunk and attempted to murder her with a knife, and that her mother had always scolded her and her husband and intervened in their financial affairs.

The former gymnast went to the press trying to find a solution. She and her husband are taking her mother to the court.

In a recent interview, Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina was asked about her opinion on her former teammate's case.

"You can discuss forever who’s right and who’s wrong in this situation " said Aliya. "But… it’s their problem, first of all. Their family’s problem. I know only Nastia’s side. I can only give her my support."

Mustafina stated that her own mother handles her prize money as it is normal for anyone to trust their parents and Anastasia was no exception.

"It’s just that some of us got lucky and some didn’t. Anastasia didn’t."

Grishina was criticized for going public with family feud and accused of being ungrateful to her mother.

Aliya disagrees as she believes that Anastasia has the right to decide what is best for her and that she took the decision to go public because she needed to.

She also said that Anastasia is not the only one to have these things happen to her and that her story became known only because she went to the media. She added that not everyone decides to go public.

Grishina retired in early 2016. In the same year, she got married and had a baby boy. Her last major international competition was the European championships in 2013 where she won two bronze medals.

Written by Gigi Farid



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