Hallie Mossett's was our first  favourite floor routine of the season. Photograph: Hallie Mossett/Instagram

Every week during the 2017 NCAA regular season we selected our favourite floor routine of the week. To celebrate the end of the season, let us enjoy again the ten routines that made our top list.

1. UCLA’s Hallie Mossett

2. Alabama’s Aja Sims

3. Alabama’s Kiana Winston

4. LSU’s Kennedi Edney

5. UCLA’s Stella Savvidou

6. Oklahoma’s Natalie Brown

7. Utah’s Missy Reinstadtler

8. Florida’s Alex McMurtry

9. LSU’s Sarah Finnegan

10. Oklahoma’s AJ Jackson

In addition to these top-ten, here are a few other impressive routines: Utah’s MyKayla Skinner, Oklahoma’s Maggie Nichols, UCLA’s Madison Kocian and JaNay Honest, Michigan’s Nicole Artz, Iowa State’s Hailee Young, LSU’s Ashleigh Gnat and Myia Hambrick, Kentucky’s Alex Hyland, Alabama's Maddie Desch, Georgia's Sabrina Vega, Florida's Kennedy Baker and Rachel Gowey, and Auburn’s MJ Rott.

By Talitha Ilacqua


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