Natalia Kapitonova and two teammates in Rio. Photograph: Kapitonova's personal log in Rio 2016

The 2017 DTB Pokal Team Challenge was held in Stuttgart, Germany, from 17 to 19 March.

Russia won the team competition with an overall score 159.550. The Russian team was formed of newcomers Natalia Kapitonova, Elena Eremina, Lilia Akhaimova and Evgeniya Shelgunova, and Olympic medallist Daria Spiridonova. Eremina posted the highest score on vault (13.700) and beam (13.600), while Kapitonova the highest scores on bars (14.250) and floor (13.500).

There were a few highlights. Eremina impressed with a super-difficult combination on the uneven bars, a Nabieva to Pak salto. Kapitonova performed a double turn with the leg on a 360° split on beam, a move that is not in the CoP yet. Akhaimova performed a solid floor routine with big tumbling (13.300), and could contribute greatly on this apparatus for Russia in the future.

Second was Germany I with an overall score of 154.100. The team was formed of newcomers Helene Schäfer, Carina Kröll and Michelle Timm, and Olympians Kim Bui and Elisabeth Seitz. Helene Schäfer posted the highest score on vault (13.800), Kim Bui the highest on bars (14.200) and floor (13.050), and Carina Kröll on beam (13.000). Olympian Elisabeth Seitz also made her first appearance since the Rio Games, posting a good 13.600 on the uneven bars.

Third was Spain with a score of 147.400. The team was composed of Nora Fernandez, Ana Perez, Paula Raya and Cintia Rodriguez. Ana Perez posted the highest score on vault (13.650), Paula Raya the highest on bars (12.600), while Cintia Rodriguez the highest on beam (13.200) and floor (13.050). The Spanish team has some new depth, it is nice to see them back.

Fourth was Germany II with a score of 145.600. The team was formed of Amelie Föllinger, Emma Höfele, Julia Plettenhardt, Isabelle Stingl and Sarah Voss.  The team had a good rotation on vault, with all scores in the mid-13s, but fell behind on the other apparatuses. The highest scores on bars and beam were Emma Höfele’s 12.000 and 12.150 respectively, and on floor Amelie Föllinger posted the highest score, a 13.150.


The all around title was awarded to Russia’s Natalia Kapitonova, who scored a good 53.850. She scored a 13.550 on vault, a 14.250 on bars, a 13.000 on beam and a 13.050 on floor.

Second was Germany’s Michelle Timm, with a 53.000. Timm posted a 13.800 on vault, a 13.150 on bars, a 13.350 on beam and a 12.700 on floor.

Third was Russia’s Elena Eremina with a 52.850. Eremina scored a 13.500 on vault, a 12.700 on bars, a 13.450 on beam and a 13.20 on floor.

There were quite a few mistakes in the competition, but the level of difficulty is very high and the potential of most gymnasts is excellent. We look forward to seeing their progress as the season unfolds.

Find the full results here, courtesy of The Gymternet.

By Talitha Ilacqua


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