The Stuttgart World Cup podium. Photograph: Eythora Thorsdottir/Instagram

The 2017 Stuttgart World Cup took place in Stuttgart, Germany, on 18 and 19 March.

Home favourite and birthday girl Tabea Alt won the all around title with an overall score of 54.199. Alt posted the highest scores on both beam (14.066) and floor (13.500). She also posted the third highest score on vault (14.233) and a 12.400 on the uneven bars. Alt shined particularly on balance beam, where she produced a stunning routine, which included a super-difficult triple series: aerial cartwheel + LOSO + LOSO.

Second was Russia’s Angelina Melnikova, who scored a 53.732, counting a fall on beam. Melnikova posted the highest score on bars (14.400), as well as a 14.266 on vault (the second highest score on this apparatus), a 12.400 on beam with a fall, and a 12.666 on floor.

Third was U.S. Morgan Hurd, who posted a 53.265 in her international debut. Hurd posted the highest score on vault (14.366) and the second best on bars, where she showed off some beautiful lines (14.200), but fell twice on beam, scoring a poor 11.233. She completed her competition with a good 13.466 on floor, the third highest score of the competition.

Fourth was Germany’s Pauline Schäfer (53.231), who also posted the second highest score on beam (13.466). Schäfer also performed a beautifully choreographed new floor routine, which was a joy to watch.

Fifth was the Netherland’s Eythora Thorsdottir, who did not have the best night, scoring a 50.632. Her best score was a 13.766 on vault, and her 12.900 on bars was the third best on this apparatus.

Sixth was China’s Zhang Jin with a 50.032. Zhang got three scores in the low 13s, including a 13.000 on beam, which was the third highest score of the competition. But she had to count a disastrous 10.700 on the uneven bars.

Finally, seventh was Great Britain’s Alice Kinsella, who scored a 47.099. Her best score was a 13.000 on vault.

By Talitha Ilacqua


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