Thirteen year old Ksenia Klimenko of Russia performed a really nice routine with unique combinations on balance beam during the 2017 WOGA Classic.

She begins her routine with a switch leap half (D) then does a side aerial (D) to layout step out (C), worth 0.2 connection bonus. She does another combination that is worth 0.2 connection bonus which is a forward handspring (B) to a forward tuck (D). She connects her forward aerial (D) to a sheep jump (C) earning 0.1 connection bonus. 

A side somi (D) and a switch ring leap (E) are included in her routine which she ends with a D rated double back tuck.

Execution wise, there were wobbles here and there.

Klimeko turns senior in 2019.

The routine is analyzed according to 2017-2020 CoP

Written by Gigi Farid



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