US gymnast Jana Bieger was a very diverse tumbler. She could flip, twist, do saltos backwards and forwards. 

Bieger turned senior in 2005. She competed at 2005 World championships on uneven bars but did not make it to event final due to two per country rule. 2006 World championships was one of her most successful competitions as she won three silver medals; with the team, in the all around and on floor exercise. 

She was named an alternate for the 2008 US Olympic team.

She performed:

A full twisting double layout 

A double layout

A double Arabian 

Forward full twisting layout to one and a half forward twisting layout

Forward full twisting layout indirectly connected to double back pike

Double forward full

Forward twisting tuck indirectly connected to triple twisting back layout

Double front tuck

Double and a half twisting forward layout

By Gigi Farid

Post inspired by papaliukin



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