During her beam routine which was performed at 2012 US Nationals, Nastia Liukin performed an acrobatic dance series which is worth 0.4 bonus in the 2017-2020 CoP.

Liukin performed a switch leap with half turn (D) to Onodi (D) to a sheep jump (C). A D rated dance element to a D rated acrobatic one is worth 0.2 connection bonus, a D rated acrobatic element to a C rated dance one is worth 0.1 connection bonus and the combination receives an additional 0.1 for series bonus.

In the 2009-2012 and 2013-2016 CoPs, sheep jump was rated a D. In the 2009-2012 CoP, the combination was worth 0.2 connection bonus while in 2013-2016, it was worth 0.4 connection bonus. The series bonus for mixed combination wasn't applied in both CoPs.

She competed a forward aerial (D) to back handspring (B) to a layout step out (C), worth 0.1 series bonus. In 2009-2012 CoP, it was worth 0.2 bonus.

She did an L turn (C) to a turn with leg below horizontal (A), worth 0.1 connection bonus. A side aerial (D) and side somi (D) were included in the routine. She dismounted with a two and a half backward twisting layout (D).

Liukin is two time World champion on the event, in 2005 and 2007. She as well is the 2008 Olympic beam silver medalist.

The routine was judged according 2017-2020 CoP.

By Gigi Farid



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