Tutya Yilmaz
Turkish gymnast Tutya Yilmaz had an outstanding performance on balance beam at Rio Olympic Games.

She performed a G rated acro in combination; a back handspring to a full twisting layout earning 0.2 connection bonus. She connected her switch leap (C) to a layout step out (C), her forward aerial (D) to a leap (A) and a split leap fwd (A) to a side aerial (D), each connection is worth 0.1 connection bonus under the 2013-2016 CoP.

The split leap forward has been upgraded to a B in the 2017-2020 CoP.

She ended her routine with a double back pike (E). She scored a 14.500 and was third reserve the balance beam final. Tutya is the second female gymnast from Turkey to qualify to the Olympics. The first being Goksu Octas.

Yilmaz has expressed her desire to compete in a second Olympic Games.

The routine is considered one of the highlights of the Olympics by many gymnastics fans.

Written by Gigi Farid



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