Most Olympic all around medalists have followed the tradition of winning medals in the event finals at the same Olympics. However, there were those who went against the current.

Lavinia Miloșovici of Romania 

At 1996 Olympics, Milosovici tied teammate Simona Amanar for the all around bronze medal. Since there was no tie breaking rule at that time, both gymnasts shared the third spot on the medal podium.

Milo qualified to the balance beam and uneven bars finals. She was replaced by teammate Alexandra Marinescu in the balance beam final. While she finished in last place on uneven bars.

Maria Olaru of Romania

Olaru initially won the bronze medal in the all around at the Sydney Olympics but after Andreea Raducan's controversy, she moved up to second place.

She qualified to the balance beam final where she placed sixth.

Svetlana Khorkina of Russia

Individually, Khorkina qualified to the all around and uneven bars final at 2004 Athens Olympics. She finished in second place in the all around. She was the favorite to win the gold medal on uneven bars but finished in last place due to a fall.

Zhang Nan of China

Nan, who won the Olympic all around bronze medal in Athens, finished in sixth place on balance beam.

Viktoria Komova of Russia

Komova was so close to win the Olympic all around title in London. However, she settled for silver. She qualified on uneven bars and balance beam. On uneven bars, her feet hit the low bar which left her off the podium. On balance beam, she suffered from two falls.

Gabby Douglas of USA

Douglas is the only Olympic all around champion to not win any medals in the event finals. In London, she qualified to uneven bars and balance beam finals. On uneven bars, she had a form break while on balance beam, she had a fall.

Written by Gigi Farid



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