Elena Eremina is a Russian gymnast who will turn senior in 2017. She is best know for winning the all around gold medal at 2016 Junior European championships.


She does a double twisting Yurchenko but struggles with it. She either falls or under-rotates it. She doesn't really have a good height which explains her struggle. She needs to work on that.

Uneven bars

She does a big release, Ricna (E) but doesn't have good height on it. But has a good one on her straddled Jaeger. She has a decent technique on her giant swings and has competed a Maloney 1/2 bars transition. She dismounts the apparatus with a full twisting double back.

Balance beam

She confidently competes on beam, no hesitation. She does BHS to two LOSOs series and a triple twist dismount. However, she struggles on her turns.

Floor exercise

She has an amazing difficulty for a junior. She does F rated double layout, E rated full in tuck, E rated triple full, 1.5 twist indirectly connected to 2.5 twist and a memmel turn.

Bottom of line: She doesn't wow me like when Komova was at her age. She doesn't have the Russian elegance like her compatriots Aliya Mustafina, Ksenia Afanasyeva and Anna Pavlova. But she is definitely someone I'd expect to be one of the top Russian gymnasts at the upcoming quad especially that she shows confidence on beam which the Russian team has lacked over the past few years.

However, she needs to work on polishing up her skills and choreography and to work on her form and landing.

Written by Gigi Farid



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