Simone Biles at the Olympics in Rio. Photograph: Silvia Vatteroni

When Simone Biles resumes training, she will not follow her long-time coach Aimee Boorman to Florida, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Aimee Boorman coached Biles from the age of 7 to 19, which marked Biles’ success at the Olympics in Rio 2016.

Before the Olympics, Boorman accepted a position as executive director of women’s gymnastics and elite coordinator at EVO Athletics in Sarasota, Florida. She decided to move to Florida to follow her husband, who is currently employed there.

Boorman disclosed the news to Ron and Nellie Biles, Simone’s parents, before the Games, but the latter asked her not to tell Simone until the Games were over. Boorman reportedly told Biles about the decision in Rio.

‘It still makes me sad to know that she won’t coach me anymore,’ Biles said last week, during an interview to promote her book, Courage To Soar. ‘But I’m excited for her journey to see where it takes her and coaching other elite kids. She needs to do what makes her happy.’

After the Olympics, rumour had it that Biles intended to follow Boorman to Florida. It seems more likely now, however, that she will keep training at the World Champions Centre, a gymnastics club the Biles family opened last year in suburban Montgomery County, Texas.

Ron and Nellie Biles will expect a current staff member to fill Boorman’s vacancy.

‘I think I could coach myself,’ said Biles. ‘But it helps to have guidance and for someone to crack the whip and tell you when to condition and how many sets you need to do. I'm sure somebody will put up with it.’

Biles affirmed she will definitely not compete in 2017, but she will come back at some point to make a run for the 2020 Olympics.

‘I still have a strong passion for gymnastics,’ she explained. ‘My body is doing well, which is a plus. The Olympics is so much fun, and you always have an Olympics high and say: “Let’s go to the next one.”’

By Talitha Ilacqua



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