This year, Romania's Sandra Izbasa brought down the curtain on a very successful career. She has four Olympic medals, three World medals and twelve European medals on her resume. So what's next for Olympic star?

In an interview with Ok Magazine, which was translated by Aly126, Sandra revealed that she is pursuing an acting career. 

The retired athlete, who is now coaching, said that she has taken acting classes in order to learn about working in the television and that she hopes to have as many opportunities to improve on what she has learned there.

"There’s a long way to get there, but I hope so [on becoming an actress]" said Izbasa. "Let’s see if I can do it. For now, I just went to those classes for myself. "

After winning her first Olympic gold medal, which was on floor exercise in 2008, she made a promise to herself not to have fame and success get to her head.

However, she finds it annoying how people treat her differently when they find out who she is as she believes that we all should treat each other with kindness and respect regardless of position.  

Unlike most gymnasts, she does not feel like she has sacrificed her childhood for the sport. In fact, she considers it having a different childhood, an interesting one.

At twelve years old, she was focused on gymnastics and did not think about dating. 

"I started dating pretty late."

The former athlete does not regret retiring from gymnastics nor does she miss it as she realizes that one cannot be an elite gymnast for the rest of their lives.

"I’m a determined person, so it’s never hard. The decision to retire was a good one, I don’t regret it."

On what helps her in staying motivated is listening to movies' soundtracks such as Gladiator and Batman soundtracks.

Written by Gigi Farid



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