Maloney transition is one of the most used elements on the uneven bars.

Skill: Inner front support on LB – pike sole circle bwd through hstd with flight to hang on HB

Rating: D

Named after: Kristen Maloney 

Event: Uneven bars

Debut: 1997 Worlds

Kristen Maloney's Biography

Maloney was one of the most prominent American gymnasts from 1997 to 2000. Although she was senior at that time, Maloney was not named to the 1996 Olympic team.

At 1997, she competed at World championships where she finished in 6th place with her team, 13th in the all around and 7th on balance beam. 

At the following World championships, she finished in 6th place with her team but did not qualify to any of the individual finals.

Her last competition was the 2000 Sydney Olympics where she finished 19th in the all around final. Initially, team USA finished in fourth place; however, they were awarded the bronze medal ten years later, after an investigation by the International Gymnastics Federation disqualified the original bronze medalist, China, for falsifying a gymnast's age.

After retirement, Maloney competed in collegiate gymnastics. As of 2010, she has worked as a collegiate gymnastics coach

Was Kristen really the first gymnast to perform it?

No, US Lucy Werner competed the skill in 1989 in NCAA.

Gymnasts who have also performed this skill

Elizabeth Price of USA

Youna Dufournet of France


Terin Humphrey of USA

Elena Eremina of Russia

Note that a gymnast has to debut her skill at either Worlds or Olympics to have it named after her, and in case of junior, she has to perform it at Youth Olympic games.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid



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