Photo by Silvia Vatteroni

Before the Olympics, Elisabeth Sietz of Germany competed a very difficult and interesting combination on uneven bars.

She competed an F rated Downie (Stalder bwd on HB with counter piкe – reverse hecht over HB to hang) to Pak Salto (D) to to an E rated Chow 1/2 (Stalder with flight backward to high bar with half turn), worth 0.4 connection bonus.

She also does a D rated Maloney (Inner front support on LB – pike sole circle bwd through hstd with flight to hang on HB) to an E rated Ricna (Stalder bwd on HB with counter straddle‐reverse hecht over HB to hang), worth 0.2 connection bonus.

She ends the routine with toe on circle (D) to full twisting double back tuck (D), worth 0.1 connection bonus.

The German gymnast had a fourth place finish on the event at 2016 Olympics.

Written by Gigi Farid



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