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In this post, we have gathered the beam skills which got downgraded and which are no  longer in the 2017-2020 CoP.

Skills which got downgraded:

Leaps, jumps and hop:

Jump with upper back arch and head release with feet to head height/closed Ring (Sheep jump), from a D to a C.


2½ turn (900°) in tuck stand on one leg - free leg optional, downgraded from an E to a D.

Holds and acrobatic non flights


Walkover fwd in side position to Side stand, downgraded from a D to a C


Gainer salto tucked or piked at end of beam, downgraded from a C to a B.

Gainer salto stretched with legs together at end of the beam, downgraded from a D to a C.

Gainer salto stretched with 1/1 twist (360°) at end of beam, downgraded from an E to a D.

The skills which are no longer in the CoP


Facing end of beam - jump to hstd with hip angle (pike) to handspring fwd with step out or land on two feet.

Leaps, jumps and hop:

Leap with 1/4 turn (90 degrees) into straddle pike position (both legs above horizontal) to land on one or both feet.

Fouette hop with leg change to cross split (leg separation 180 degrees) (tour jete)

Split ring leap (180° separation of legs,

Split jump with 90 degrees bend of rear leg from side position.

From side stand - jump to cross over split with body arched and head dropped bwd. (Editor comment: It is not written in the table elements but mentioned in the named after table)

Holds and acrobatic non flights

Planche with support on one or both bent arms (2 sec), also legs in cross split position. (The skill has been moved to mounts)

Written by Gigi Farid



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