Earlier this week former Russian gymnast Anastasia Grishina welcomed her first child, a baby boy. Grishina announced her son’s birth posting a picture of her hands holding the baby’s tiny foot.

Grishina retired from gymnastics in January 2016, soon after marrying her husband Viktor. She is also studying journalism at university.

In 2012 Grishina was selected to represent Russia at the Olympics, where she helped her team win a silver medal, the first Russian medal at the Olympics since 2004. Grishina is also a multiple European medalist, winning silver with the team and on bars in 2012 and bronze in the all around and on beam in 2013. 

In 2014, however, Grishina partially tore her ACL ligament. She never completely recovered from that injury, and eventually decided to retire in 2016. 

Grishina was a rare talent in gymnastics. She combined athletic tumbles with balletic style, she had perfect twisting forms and dramatic choreography. Nevertheless, often, in crucial moments, nerves had the best of her and she did not perform at her best. Regrettably, it seems that Grishina never reached her full potential, and did not earn everything she deserved in the sport.

In a post-retirement interview, however, Grishina affirmed that she has no regrets regarding her career, and that representing Russia at the Olympics was her biggest gymnastics dream.
Grishina is now a wife and a mother, which we hope will bring her even more happiness and satisfaction. Good luck with your new life, Nastia!

By Talitha Ilacqua



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