As we worried about these ladies’ prospects due to the many mistakes and concerns in the qualifications, the Team Finals have been quite the opposite, with new records, beautiful gymnastics, and touching moments. We have selected some of the best Rio moments for you to check out:
Marta and her Final Five celebrating their victory by the greatest margin in Olympic history. Team USA was 8 points ahead of silver medalist Russia.  (Photo @ The Associated Press)

A Night of Redemptions
Despite previous disappointments, these ladies have gained their redemptions in the Team Finals.

- Fan Yilin’s bar performance finally earned its appraisal. By scoring nearly 0.5 points higher than her qualifications, it would have securely put Fan in the bars finals.
- Shang Chunsong’s beam routine finally got a just score, a precious 15-ranged, one of the few that night to get in the 15s apart from the Americans.
- Huang Yan and Seda Tutkhalyan, who were heavily doubted for their consistency during big time, both hit during the Team Finals. They prove that they belong to the Olympics!
- Aliya Mustafina got her redemption moment on beam by delivering the highest beam score for Russia. Not making any acrobatic connections during the qualifications, she made 2 acrobatic series during the team finals.

Seda not falling from the beam kept Russia in medal contention. (Photo @ The Dark Room

Perfection Alert!!!
The Team Finals has become more exciting as the ladies kept delivering magic after magic. Here are some record-breaking moments a gym fan should note:

- Aliya Mustafina looks like she is ready to defend her Olympic bars title as Svetlana Khorkina did back in 2000. She hit two massive bar routines in a row, and scored 15.933, the highest score on bars so far.
- Aly Raisman stuck cold her double Arabian dismount on beam, a rare feat for anybody who does this skill.
- Who says American gymnasts can’t split more than 180 degrees? Laurie Hernandez’s switched ring leap is beautiful, which is not a word we often use to describe an American gymnast. Laurie is also artistic in her own right on floor, with her firecracker flare and Hispanic sassiness (she even winked before her routine!).
- Simone Biles delivered another spectacular floor routine, and scored 15.8, highest floor score in the competition so far. We are predicting to see more records in the AA and EF!  

Non-medalling Triumphs
As there are only 3 sets of medals, not all teams can be crowned Olympic medalists, but that doesn’t mean that they have not earned their own victories.

- We see some really artistic floor routines from the Dutch girls. After all, it is very hard not to use loud beats to captivate the crowd. Their pure grace earned them the most respectable 13s from the judges. They also achieved zero fall on beam, with Sanne scoring the second highest beam score of the day. These gave them a respectable 7th place finish at their first ever Olympic Team Finals.
- Japan’s bars scored an average of high 14s, and their floor and vault upgrades proved to have paid off. They were so good that on those three that it pushed them to 3rd place in the 3rd rotation. Team Japan eventually achieved a historic 4th place finish. It will be interesting to see if Japan can challenge for a medal on home soil 4 years later in Tokyo.

Team Japan and Team Netherlands celebrated their historical success in the Olympics. 
                                         (Photo @ Asuka Teramoto's Intragram) 

Salutations, Coaches!
There is always more to the ladies’ performances. Behind each lady is a proud coach who gave their all to bring out the best of their gymnasts.

- Before Laurie did her last pass on floor, Coach Haney was seen smiling at her and chanting encouragements. Can this gymnast-coach duo be more adorable?
- Despite the loud cheers for Laurie’s spectacular floor routine, Maria Paseka vaulted the best Amanar of her life to raise Russia to silver position. Last time, Russia had a disappointed silver. But this time, without the main contenders like Komova and Afanaseyeva, these girls pulled it off very well. It is definitely a proud silver in 2016. Though we hate to admit, we finally see the moment when Valentina is right.
- We always love Aly's parents, but do we know that her coach is as cute? A long time companion, Coach Mihai was crowned "Olympic Champion" by Aly, who put her second Olympic Team Gold around his neck after the medal ceremony.
- Marta Karolyi is not known to be a sentimental coach, but in her final Olympics as Team USA’s soul, Marta finally allowed herself to be human after her Final Five named the team as a tribute to her. To The Final Five, Marta is definitely more than a strict coach, but also a woman who is there to make their dreams come true.

Written by Valerie Theodora Ko



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