It's a 1-2 finish for USA, with both US gymnasts proudly collecting their all-around medals.
(Photo @ NBC)
On an afternoon when the Olympic gymnasts of Rio competed for their ultimate individual glory, we marveled at more beautiful gymnastics, more records being broken, and more touching moments. Though the results were not unpredictable, the ladies' effort made the competition much more exciting than predicted!

Gracefully Gymnastics

- Rebeca Andrade opened up the competition with a clean Amanar. Her legs were impeccably glued together in the air, which made her form one of the bests we have seen in Rio! Her floor was also extremely captivating, and she made it more like a show than a competition.
- How can you ever hate Aliya’s double twisting Yurchenko in the competition, with huge amplitude and her landing right at the centre line?
- Shang Chunsong, though starting on the most risky apparatus, hit a near perfect beam routine. Just when she was waiting for the score, she smiled and waved to camera saying “Mother I love you”… and that concluded Shang Chunsong’s series of beautiful beam performances in Rio.
- Marine Brevet’s beam routine was as fabuleux as her leotard! The French girls are definitely looking great on beam! (Marine Boyer will be in the beam finals!)
- OK, Simone’s not a bar specialist, but God her Piked Tkatchev- Pak combi is divine! Her Pak salto is as perfect as Komova’s!
- Lieke Wever’s floor, always a classic to watch!
- Eythora Thorsdottir’s floor really translates what pure grace means, with her beautiful pirouette combination and dramatic choreography!

Shang Chunsong hit her final beam performance of Rio only to score a 14.833. (Photo @ CCTV)

A Night of Records

- Simone Biles shattered her previous record score by earning a 15.933 on floor, the highest floor score so far since the Perfect 10.0 Scoring System was replaced. Also, by winning gold, Simone is the first AA World Champion from the year prior to the Olympics, after Lilia Podkopayeva in 1996, to take the all-around crown in the Olympics.
- By winning back to back Bronze, Aliya is one of the seven women in Olympic history to win back to back Olympic all-around medals.
- Ellie Black made Canadian history by placing 5th overall, the highest for Canada in Worlds/Olympics.
- Jessica Lopez, who is already 30 years old and competing in her 3rd Olympics, placed 7th overall. This is the highest placement in an international competition for her, and also for Venezuala.
- Asuka Teramoto’s 8th place finish is the best Japan had achieved in the Olympics in more than 4 decades.
- Dutch diva/goddess-in-training Eythora Thorsdottir achieved a historical 9th place finish for the Netherlands. Quite an improvement as she was 28th in all-around last Worlds!

It was a bitter sweet competition for Russia. While Aliya claimed the bronze, Seda placed the second lowest as the day ended. (Photo @ Bless the Blooming Flowers of Chinese Gymnastics)

Pleasant Surprises!

- After a disappointing qualification round, Ellie Black of Canada hit a beam routine to a historic 5th place finish! Hurray!
- Wang Yan hit beam again!!!! She had hit 3 beam routines in a row, a 100% success rate in the Olympics! (Her usual hit rate is less than 50% during big time) She also hit a massive floor routine to score 14.9. She may really challenge for a medal if she continues like this in the floor finals!
- Though most of the press decided not to show this, 16-year old Nina Derwael’s bars is a real threat in the future. Her repertoire includes a Stalder 1/1 – Chow – Bhardwaj (full twisting Pak) combination, and she has been training the Ricna – Pak – Chow 1/2 as well as the Ricna 1/2 (never done) – Ezhova combination.
- Aly immediately burst into tears right after her floor routine. She was finally awarded an AA medal (and ahead of Mustafina!), who edged her for bronze due to tie-breaker back in 2012.

Respectable non-medalling winners. Ellie Black (second form left), Eythora Thorsdottir (third from right) and Asuka Teramoto (second from right) all made history for their home countries.
(Photo @ Asuka Teramoto's instagram)

Written by Valerie Theodora Ko


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