Double turn in back attitude is second most difficult floor turn skill.

Skill: 2/1 turn (720°) in back attitude (knee of free leg at horizontal throughout turn)

Rating: D

Named after: Ksenia Semenova of Russia

Event: Floor

Debut: 2008 Olympics

Semenova's Biography

Ksenia Semenova had a successful career. She won gold on bar at 2007 World championships and gold on bars and beam at 2008 European championships. She is also the 2009 European all around champion. 

She was part of the 2008 Olympic team which finished in fourth place and the 2010 World team which won gold.

Semenova's best events were uneven bars and balance beam. During her competitive career, she performed the "Tkatchev to immediate giant full", a move usually done by men.

Semenova currently works as a judge. She frequently attends meets that members of the several Russian gymnastics teams compete in.

Was Semenova really the first gymnast to perform it?

No, Rachel Updike of USA performed it in 2006. Teammate Ksenia Afanasyeva performed it at 2008 Moscow club.

Gymnasts who have also performed this skill

Olivia Cimpian of Romania 

By Gigi Farid



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