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Two days ago, Romania's Diana Bulimar injured her right ankle. The injury came just two weeks away from the European champion as a result she will miss the competition.

Today, she had a surgery on her injured ankle.

She wrote on Facebook: 

Why?Because some things are meant to be.
It wasn't a question..nobody asked if I want this.
It happend.
One second.And everything was ****ed up.All my work,my determination,my ambitions..was all gone.In one,God Damn second.
Everybody said nice words after they heard..some people cried for me and I'm sorry..and right now even if I want I can't go back in time to change now why?
Bacause some things are meant to be..

Teammate Larisa Iordache, who also will miss the European championships due to injury, posted photo of herself and Diana in the hospital on Facebook. According to Google Translate, the photo was captioned "Some people are convinced to let words. I convince others actions. I don't convince anything. Man I know you can make today the greatest good, like tomorrow, no reason to hurt you. I believe in me: I think I can overcome any pain and I think I'll savor every drop of happiness that I receive. And the people who deserve it, will remain".

This is the fourth time for Bulimar to suffer an injury to her legs.

Written by Gigi Farid



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