A double and a half forward twisting layout is one of the most rarely done tumbling passes on floor exercise.

Skill: Salto forward stretched with two and  a half twist

Rating: E

Named after: Sabina Cojocar of Romania 

Event: Floor exercise

Debut: 2001 Worlds

Sabina Cojocar's Biography

As a junior gymnast, Cojocar was very successful. She dominated the 2000 European championships by winning five medals, three of which are gold.

She turned senior in 2001 where she contributed to her team's last World gold medal. Individually, she finished fourth on beam and sixth in the all around. She debuted the forward double and a half twisting layout but was somehow mistakenly attributed to her teammate Silvia Stroesu in the code of points. However, the mistake was fixed and the skill now bears her name.

She competed at 2002 World championships finishing fifth on vault and ninth on floor exercise. Unfortunately, her career was cut short due to chronic liver problem and left the training center in 2003. In 2004, Sabina returned to training to make one final push towards the Olympic Games but was unsuccessful.

The former gymnast currently works as a coach.

Was Cojocr really the first gymnast to perform it?

No, US Sierra Sapunar performed the skill in 1997.

US Kaitlin White and, Russia's Ekaternia Lobazynuk and Anna Pavlova performed it in 2001 but had trouble completing the twists.

Edit: That routine of Pavlova took place after Worlds.

Gymnasts who have also performed this skill

Bridget Sloan of USA

Note that a gymnast has to debut her skill at either Worlds or Olympics to have it named after her, and for juniors, she has to perform it at Youth Olympic games.

Updates: The FIG has added the name of Belarus Svetlana Tarasevich as the originator of the skill along with Cojocar.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid



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