Simone Biles
Photo by Silvia Vatteroni

When three times World all around champion Simone Biles of USA was a cute little eight year old girl, a relatively unknown gymnast called London Philips performed a double layout half out which would later be named after the American gymnast.

Philips competed the skill back in 2005 during a small meet and since she has never gotten a chance to compete at a World championship or an Olympic games, the skill did not get added to the CoP up until Biles successfully competed it at 2013 World championships and had it named after her.

The skill received an F rating.

That was not the only original skill Philips did not get the chance to have it named after her. During the same exact routine, she competed a full and half twisting double back tuck. The skill hasn't been added to the CoP yet but Brasil's Rebecca Andrade showed up with the skill last year and is expected to compete it at Rio Olympics this year.

And what's even more mind blowing is that, Philips dismounts her routine with a forward layout (B) to double front (E), worth 0.2 connection bonus. Who does that!!!!

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid

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