By the time forty something former gymnasts are feeling nostalgic about their sports career, Uzbekistan's Oksana Chusovitina is pushing the limits of the twisting forward handspring vaults.

The 40 year old gymnast posted a video of herself training a handspring forward onto table, straight salto forward with a double twist o which is not yet in the CoP. Chusovitina originated the one and a half twist version of the vault, also known as Rudi, which she debuted at 2002 World championships.

A Rudi is rated a 6.2 in the D score panel. The forward handspring double twisting layout vault can receive a D score of 6.4 which makes this vault at the same difficulty as the Cheng vault and slightly more difficult than the Amanar.

At the last World championships, Oksana competed for the first time in her career the Produnova vault which is the most difficult vault in women's gymnastics.

The veteran gymnast had her first World championship competition in 1991 and her first Olympic games in 1992.  She is the only female gymnast ever to compete in six Olympic Games.

By Gigi Farid

GIF by mustafinesse

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