It is either gold or nothing for legendary Svetlana Khorkina of Russia.

At 1997 World championships, Khorkina fell on her first vault in the event final hence had her chances of winning the gold medal or making the podium diminished.

Gymnasts are required to do two vaults regardless if they fell on their first or had a low score. Nevertheless, the then Russian gymnast walked out of the podium after failing to land the vault on her feet.

She scored 4.537 finishing in last place.

Khorkina is famous for walking out of the podium after a disappointing performance. In 2000 Sydney Olympics, she denied the offer of vaulting on the correctly set vault as it was too late since she had already fallen on uneven bars.

At 2004 Athens Olympics' event final, she left the arena before the competition ended after learning that she won't be able to win gold or make the podium.

The gold went to Simona Amanar while the silver and bronze were awarded to China's Zhou Duan and  Romania's Gina Gogean respectively.

Written By Gigi Farid

Photo by Sing Lo
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