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Russia's Viktoria Komova received backlash when she accused the American gymnasts of taking steroids and claimed that China and Great Britain only won due to luck at 2015 World championships.

Komova released two apologizes. The first was on VK in the same thread where she made the accusation while the second was in a comment on Aly Raisman's Instagram account.

The second apology was considered sincere and restorative by gymnastics fans.

Golden-china-goes-abroad Why does Vika (and Carlotta) get eaten alive and need to apoligise a thousand times and even then people will still dislike them over a comment, while comments like the one Sam Oldham made, or Marta, Nastia, Aly, Jo etc go freely?

Kudos for Vika btw

Vkyam1 They act like Vika was the worst human ever.  

However, when Maroney did ugly faces IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AT THE MEDAL CEREMONY nobody said anything and they even said it was funny. 

And this guy Sam Oldham´s tweet saying  "Surely this Chinese kid ain’t 19" about Shang Chunsong but no one is saying anything! Or Nastia, Aly and Jordin saying the same time ago.

Vika is a sore loser because of her comment but when the british gymnasts and the american question the age of asian gymnasts they have just the right to do it???

I can’t deal with your hypocrisy guys ._.

Doubledownie I mean, people definitely did criticize Riss and Sam a /lot/, and I didn’t hear about Lisa at all (though not totally surprised tbh) so that would be why not much was said about that. But yeah, Vika did get slightly disproportionately nailed to the wall on this one. I expect it’s because people assume Russians to have certain opinions about elegance, body type, etc that weren’t really in her post anywhere but if you assume they were it looks a lot worse…?

Robbiecopter Really in the grand scheme of things everyone has said something stupid and it’s all how you respond to it in the long run, through future actions and how you learn from it. I agree vika was targeted a little more for this comment and it got out of hand. I love her and the US girls and have I said stupid stuff before? Of course. Did I react well to it? Not really. But as I move forward I recognize my faults and grow from them. But this is just me speaking with like… much less than thousands of followers so vika’s repercussions are much more severe especially since she is really the kingpin of Russian elegance at this time. I hope some people can find it in their hearts to forgive her.

My-bff-nastia I’m basically crying because this is the cutest thing ever but also crying because of google translate. “I’m sorry. I’M ASHAMED OF YOU!!! Congratulations.” But seriously this is exactly why Vika didn’t deserve all of the hate she got. She is clearly going to great lengths to apologize and she fully said it in the heat of the moment, not because she believed it. 

Papaliukin Kudos to Vika for doing this. That’s something Valentina would never think of after all her outrageous statements that have circulated.

Proganthony1978 And hopefully if anyone quotes this apology, then they will include that last line, showing that Vika used Google Translate and it made a very big mistake. So don’t pull the “I’m ashamed of you!” out of context.

Written by Gigi Khazback Farid



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