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US Bailie Key is one of the most promising first year senior of this year. Unfortunately, she has only been selected as a non travelling alternate to the country's World team.

Spookywithwifi I honestly thing this might be the best thing for Bailie. 

She can take it easy for a couple weeks, maybe try and go to the December World Cup and keep her eyes set on Rio. She hasn’t had a stand out year and the field is so incredibly deep that perhaps she can take this time to try and put herself in the top two on bars or beam.

ribbonscurlsandtwirls Am absolutely devastated for #BailieKey and very confused about the USA Gymnastics 2015 World Team! Bailie is one of the best gymnasts in the USA and she isn’t a member of the 2015 World’s Team!?!?

Bailies-keys friendly reminder that since bailie didn’t make glasgow and rio is going to be insanely competitive she might never go to a worlds/olympics

theothergymblog Crying because no bailie

mostepanovagym  My Baby Bailie got ROBBED today

My-bff-nastia When Bailie was 13/14 I made a lot of Wieber comparisons but I never imagined it would be THIS brutal. Who would’ve thought in 2013 that Maggie would get to Worlds over Bailie?!?! Like Wieber Bailie is incredible and amazing but we may have seen her best in 2013-2014. She did a good job holding onto it (or shifting it from beam to bars as the case may be) but then it sucks when suddenly it’s getting closer to the Olympics and you’re still awesome but wait, everyone around you is suddenly awesome too, even if you were the one who dominated so log, that doesn’t really matter anymore. Totally sucks. If 2011 Jordyn was competing with this group TBH I don’t think she’d make it either, or she’d be in one of those tenuous Maggie/Bailie spots where you’re a great AAer without a standout event and it could go either way. Such a bummer and I’m gutted for Bailie but this could also be a great lesson. You’re not the big fish in a small pond anymore. You’re a very tiny and adorable fish in a giant crazy ocean of terrifying monster sea creatures scientists haven’t even discovered yet. That will hopefully put her into high gear and make her a fighter. She’s never been challenged until this year. Now she’s learning what that’s like and hopefully will come out kicking ass next year.

Written By Gigi Farid

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